Travel Insurance: Travel Guard

Should you purchase travel insurance?

We buy insurance for our homes, our cars, our health, but all too often we do not protect our travel investment.

Many people have a variety of feelings about this subject.  As a 30+ year veteran in the travel industry, I have heard many sad stories, because someone did not expect their situation to impact their travel plans.

You will only need to lose all of your money once, or pay for thousands of dollars in medical expenses etc., to understand that travel insurance is a great value.  Travel insurance usually costs less than 10% of your entire vacation.

If you decline to purchase travel insurance, we simply ask that you sign a statement, that you have been informed of the cancellation polices.

Our preferred vendor, as an affiliate of Signature Travel Network, is Travel Guard.  They are a solid company that stands behind their policies.  We have professional and personal experience working with them.

Travel Guard
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