With our network of hotels throughout Italy, with the Signature Network, we know it will be good!

We feature 4 & 5 Star Hotels and whenever possible, we would suggest a boutique hotel (under 30 rooms).  We prefer charm, over business hotels with oversized lobbies and lots of people.  There is nothing wrong with big hotels, but we just prefer a boutique hotel’s ambiance.  Sometimes location, price, and availability will lead to offering you something larger, and that is OK, too!

Depending on the city & the season, the rate starts around $200 to $1000, per night.  4-Star Hotels peak season, on average, will begin around $450 a night. The city, their availability, etc., will always vary, so this is an example.

If your plans allow you to stay a minimum of 3 nights, we suggest an apartment rental.  Often you will have a more affordable option.  If your budget is 3-Stars, you most likely will be able to buy up to a 4-Star, and likewise, you can upgrade to a 5-Star property with a 4-Star budget.

We do not book hotels asking for 100% payment in advance with a 100% penalty if you cancel.  If you prefer to shave a few dollars (maybe 100 euro for the week), we recommend that you book directly. If you’re looking for a new experience altogether, try staying in an Italian Villa.

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