Walking Tours in Historic Centers

One of the most memorable experiences you will have in your travels is a guided tour of the historical centers.  Nothing will ever compare to a private guide who can bring the rich history alive through their storytelling.

You can always take your guide books, rent headphones, or go with a tour group and follow the leader with their colored flag.  Do you want to be in a large group of 20+ as you stand around trying to hear your guide? We didn’t think so.

With us, a private guide will be spending 3-4 hours being responsive to what interests you; while you are taken back in time. In most instances, our Italy guided tour packages will cost 350 euros for 3- 4 hours.  If you are a group of up to 12, the same price applies. You will also be able to enter in through a separate door and not stand in line.

Entrance tickets are extra but are nominal.  Museums are not open 7-days a week, and hours vary.

You will want to book your private guide in advance, especially during peak season.

Do not delay, please contact us for your own Italy guided tour package!


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