What are payment options for villa rentals?

Villa Rentals Require a 55% deposit in order to confirm.  Most owners will allow us 3 business days to process your payment. We take credit cards, but then we are required to wire the funds.  Final payment is due 90 days before check-in date.  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND travel insurance, since villa rentals are 100% Non-Refundable.  We offer travel insurance and will be pleased to offer you a quote.  We are a small business, so unfortunately we have to pass on the 3% banks charge to run your credit card.  Our rentals do include the banks wire fees that are an additional 3%.

Are there additional costs associated with villa rentals?

Groceries & Staples:  For a small fee, most villa owners will offer groceries and staples upon your arrival.  Normally this includes groceries for your first evening and first breakfast in the villa, along with staples, such as coffee, bottled waters, paper towels, and toilet paper.  We will contact you 30 days prior to your arrival to discuss your shopping list.

Please Note:  Check-in time is 4pm.  This service is highly recommended, since it is a long travel day, (many stores closed on Sunday).  This service is around 50 euros, plus your groceries.  They will provide you a receipt and you will need to have euro’s to pay for it.  Credit Cards are not accepted for this service.

Heat & Air-conditioning:  Villas vary, some require an extra fee.   At the time of booking, we can give you an estimate.   Some charge a deposit in advance and some will want payment at check-out.  In most instances payable in euro, not credit card.

When is the best time to book & travel to Italy?

Best Time to Travel:  We always recommend off season because of lower prices and less tourists.   The best time is October thru April, then September and October, or April to May.  Many of you need to travel during the summer months.  June is best, followed by July and August.  Many Europeans and Italians have August for vacation, so this is the busiest month.

If you must travel in peak season, when possible, plan some activities late in the afternoon. By then the tour buses have started to leave.   Cruise passengers in a port city usually sail around 5pm, lessening the crowds.  This will not help you visiting museums, but hiring a private guide will take you directly inside.

Best Time to Book:  Contrary to popular belief, booking late does not necessarily get you the best price.  Maybe the cruise industry led that charge.  Yes, some hotels that have extra inventory may lower their prices closer in, but in most instances, prices go up.

Villas:  Majority of villas are booked for the summer months, and these months book out the quickest.  We recommend to make reservations 12 months in advance.  In many instances people do not book until 3 to 8 months in advance.  There is less availability and less choices.  May we suggest that you plan as early as possible.   The Amalfi Coast sells 12+ months in advance, and is already booking for 2019.

Are There Refunds, If We Have To Cancel?

Regardless of what kind of travel you purchase, they all come with cancellation polices.  This extends to changing the date, or changing anything that you have already confirmed.

We RECOMMEND TRAVEL CANCELLATION INSURANCE, to protect your financial investment.

Hotels, Tours, Airlines, Apartment Rentals, and Transfers have their own specific cancellation policies.

Villas and Villa Tours are 100% Non-Refundable.

How Many Days Are Villa & Apartment Rentals?

Villas require Saturday to Saturday, a minimum of 7 nights.  The exception is in the off season, and is based on the  owner’s discretion.  Off Season in most regions are from the end of October to the end of April, with the exception of Christmas, New Years, and Easter.

Apartments require a minimum of 3 nights; some owners require 4 nights.

Assistance While You Are Traveling In Italy!

We are here to assist you while you are traveling. We recommend that you have a mobile with an internationally text plan.  This will make it easy to contact us in real time.   Many of our villa owners, tour guides, and drivers, use WhatsApp.  This is a service you can use to call them, or us as long as you are on WiFi.  If you do not have WiFi access, or need to reach the airlines, rental car companies, hotels etc., it will require you use a land line, or make an international call.

When is Low Season, Shoulder Season and Peak Season?

Depending on the region in Italy, there are always price adjustments based on the time of year,

Low Season is usually Nov to March.  Prices for Christmas, New Years, and Easter are Peak Season.

Shoulder Season is usually Sept and Oct, or April, and May.

Peak Season is June to August.

The Amalfi Coast’s Peak Season runs mid-April to mid-October.


Tipping varies depending on the service and is often very personal.  We can provide you with a list of suggested amounts.

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